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The perfect recipe for relaxation

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

I was recently asked about how I handle self-care. I would say that I am no stranger to it; I really believe in looking after oneself (body and mind) in order to put one’s best foot forward into the world. Of course in the tangle of day to day life these best intentions are easily lost. I do have one habit though which always prevails: using CBD. Weather it's a nice warm bubbly bath with CBD bath bombs, yummy chocolates and gummy's, or CBD rubs and tinctures there's no wrong way to take it!

Despite all the intriguing and fascinating ways to use CDB, I thought I'd share some of my favorite and most relaxing. My first encounter with CBD (not considering pot with THC, they're two totally different things) was when a friend gave me some to try for a headache. He had a 1000mg tincture that was peppermint flavored. I remember being skeptical at first and scared of the taste or feeling high, but wow that stuff really helped and tasted just like peppermint oil! I was amazed at how quickly it worked and relieved me without any high feeling or psychoactive effect. From there on I did my research, became a CBD enthusiast and educator, and have sworn by it sense. So now that you know a little about my story, lets get to the point! Below is a list of my favorite CBD products for relaxation and how I like to use them.

1. My first and favorite way is to take a warm relaxing bubble bath with a CBD bath balm. I'm not sure what it is about taking baths, lighting candles and watching a bath bomb fizzle but they're one thing I look forward going home to after a long, stressful day! By adding CBD to my nightly bath routine, I started waking up with less pain all throughout my body, more revived deep sleep, and better mental health!

2. My second favorite way to relax is smoothing on a refreshing CBD face masque. I use it about 2 times a week and like to leave it on during my bath. The one I use is a cooling minty scent that feels so nice and helps with any redness, dark spots, or visible pores.

3. And the third, last but not least, is a tincture! You can never go wrong using a CBD tincture, as long as your using the right product. Don't worry I'll leave a list below of all the products I use and where I get them from! Tinctures are great for multiple different things. They're good for stress, anxiety, pain, inflammation (in the body or brain), and many other mental or health issues. I like to use it on nights when I don't have time for a bath or just need that extra pick me up feeling.

Thank you for reading my blog and I hope my recipe for relaxation can help you out as well! -By Madison Rhinehart CBD enthusiast!

List of poroducts used and where they're from:

Kharma Crystal-Zynnworld

Charcoal Cream Masque- Zynnworld

1500 Full Spectrum Zynn Sweet Cinnamon Roll Tincture- Zynnworld

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